Brady And Maverick

Brady is back again and this time he is ready to put on another show for you and this time I was ready to put him with a straight boy to fulfill his fantasy. Brady liked to mess around and have sex with guys that are straight. Now, I explained to him that I was going to have this guy come by that I met in Phoenix while I was on a trip and he wanted some more work. We moved into the shoot room to begin everything because the other model was running late. Brady and I began talking and he heard a knock at my door and knew that my assistant was dealing with the model before he was sent in the room to join us.

Brady said that he was bisexual on camera for the fact that he didn't want to freak guy out in the other room. He knew that this guy had never really been with another dude and to play the straight-acting card incase they could here the shoot going on. (more)

this will be replaced by the SWF.

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