CJ And Billy

CJ called me up right after the shoot, and wanted to come in for the other shoot that I had talked about putting him in. I told him to come by the following afternoon and I would have something setup for him. For the shoot, CJ showed up and I had Billy another model of mine there for it as well. What I really had wanted to happen was oral to go on between the two guys, however when we started talking about it CJ wasn't down for it. Then, when money was brought up we started talking about him giving oral. Billy leaned over and took the monster cock in his mouth and started to give him head. In watching Billy suck on the cock, you could tell that he was enjoying it. CJ pushed down on Billy's head to try and get him to deep throat some more. The bad boy CJ, was enjoying it, and even made some noises to show it.

Pulling back, Billy lifted his head up for some air, and that was when I interrupted them. (more)

this will be replaced by the SWF.

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