Michael And Anthony

A while has passed since Anthony last did a shoot with us, but he had called me up looking to get some extra work. I setup a time for him to come into the studio. When he showed up for his shoot we got him in front of the camera. I told Anthony that I had a surprise for him, and he got all excited that we were going to be hooking him up with one of the girls from BrokeStraightGirls.com. I kind of laughed a little bit, and said well it's kind of like a girl. He got a puzzled look on his face, and I told the person in the other room to go ahead and come in.

Mike came into the room and took a seat on the couch next to Anthony. He was completely shocked because Mike was his younger cousin. Both of their moms were sisters, and so the two of them grew up together. As the conversation went on, Mike learned that Anthony's wife Pam had (more)

this will be replaced by the SWF.

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