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Tyler, Derek, And Dustin

Derek called me after his first shoot that he had done with Tyler and we wanted to do another one. In thinking about it, he told me that he wanted to do more in the next one. I got on the phone, and went through my emails to see just who I could line up for the shoot. It took me about a day to figure out who was available and who would work well together. In going through the guys, I decided to put Derek with Tyler together again. Even though they just did a shoot together, I needed Derek to be as comfortable as possible. Then, I brought in Dustin, one of our straight guys who has his limits and won't move on certain things. I gave them all the time and day that we were going to do the shoot. The day that they were to show up, Derek called before hand to confirm that he would be there and he told me that he was more nervous, since he knew it was going to be a (MORE)

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