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The last couple of times that I have went into the clinic, I have got to see Dr. Phingerphuk. He is a great doctor, who has ran some interesting and fun experiments that have made me have some of the best orgasms I have ever had. Going back to the clinic for another check up, I made sure that it was going be with Dr. Phingerphuk. When he walked into the room, I told him why I came into the clinic. He told me that he just wanted to get to the experimenting and getting me off, rather than wasting with an exam. I told him that I was down for whatever he wanted, and asked him what he would want to try. The Doc told me that he had some new devices that he would put on my dick that would make it bigger, thicker, and more sensitive. From there, he would put a couple of these little blue straps on my dick that would shock it with electricity. He told me this story about how he used them for the first time on a guy, and was able to get the guy off with very little touching. Then, to add to it, the Doc also had this little anal bullet that he wanted to use on me at the same time. (MORE)