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Jamie and Aiden

Tonight, I had a couple solo shoots lined up with some straight guys, and alot of things to do afterwards. I knew that it was going to be a very busy night. Aiden showed up at my door on time for his shoot, and came right in to fill out the paperwork. He was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt, and with his really short hair and facial hair. Aiden is one hot mother fucker, a white boy with a great body.

While filling out his paper work, the door bell rang and Jamie showed up really early. I was expecting him, an hour later, but with traffic so light he decided to come really. Both guys I had just fill out the paperwork and then I got the idea to put them in the same shoot to speed my night along, because I could get everything done that I needed to earlier. Jamie was wearing his blue jeans and a wife beater shirt, and he too had the nice, skinny, white boy look.

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